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Up next…?

I want to take one last opportunity to thank everyone involved with ONE NIGHT OF ABSOLUTE DISMAY, from the playwrights to the actors to the crew (especially our wonderful Stage Manager Michelle!) to our audiences.  Thank you for helping us make DISMAY our biggest one-act show yet!  This annual series has steadily been growing over the last three years, and we appreciate your help in making that trend continue!  This has been a short but fantastic season.

Now, we look forward to the next season…

Being that this is a blog, and blogs allow more direct communication with our community and audience, I want to hear from you.  Actors, audience members – I’m going to keep this post short in order to hear what YOU think!

Ideas on the table so far:

  • Let Them Be Heard (June) – an original adaptation of the Works Progress Administration’s Slave Narrative Project.  This is a collection of monologues taken directly from the recorded narratives of former slaves of North Carolina.  The script is being finalized, and this project is tentatively scheduled to go up in June – more details to come.
  • Bare Theatre’s Rogue Company (July)– for those unfamiliar, Rogue Company is Bare Theatre’s annual free conservatory for Triangle students between the ages of 14 – 22.  These shows are usually physically intense and bloody.  Past shows have included: Titus Andronicus, The Crucible, King Lear, Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead, Julius Caesar, and Henry V.  We are looking for a new Rogue Company director, and we are open to suggestions as to what this next show should be.
  • Fall Show (October-ish) – Bare Theatre usually presents a show in or around October.  Heather is cooking up a production of her favorite Shakespeare play, As You Like It – that will be done with live original bluegrass music.  This was slated for the Fall slot; however, we are pushing this production back to 2013, which leaves this opening for something equally wonderful.Possible ideas include an October/Halloween show (since we are one of the few companies in the area who don’t do a Christmas show!).  This could be a night of Grand Guignol theatre of the macabre, a murder play such as Rope, or some other such horrible or bloody presentation.  Maybe a ghost story?I plan on directing a Richard Wilbur translation of a Moliere comedy at some point (probably either The Misanthrope or Tartuffe, although The Bungleris another strong possibility) – this could be an option for the fall show as well.I’m also looking forward to creating an entirely original clown show in the future – field research will soon be under way…More on that, later!

So now I open up the floor.

To All Those Who Love Drama, what would you like to do/see at Bare?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!