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So, What Is It?

An image from “Fuerza Bruta” in NYC.

I’m getting this question a lot these days.

The short answer might be that THE LEADER is a dreamlike collection of sketches, movement and clowning that looks at leaders and their followers in a variety of different ways.

That would be accurate, but probably doesn’t convey the emotions we are finding in this process.  I hope and do think we are progressing towards a show that is wildly entertaining, funny and disturbing all at once.

It’s a really hard thing to describe.  I know what it looks like in my head, but we’ve only even conceptualized half the show at this point (which is amazing to me, considering that we’ve only been at this for a little over a week).

I was describing it to a friend the other day as more of an experience than a play.  I used to spend as much time as I could in New York City, especially when working on a show that went to the International Fringe Festival several years ago.  I was really influenced by De La Guarda, Fuerza Bruta, Snow Show, and Arias With a Twist.  These aren’t plays.  They’re non-linear and they don’t even necessarily tell stories, but they do convey emotions and thoughts, and there’s something about them that engrains them in the memory.

Image from Arias With a Twist

The imagery used in these shows is extremely powerful, as is the music.  Where words may well be forgotten days or even hours later, the images and the sounds persist, as do the sensations and emotions they create together.

This is the kind of show I’m looking to create in THE LEADER.  I’ve been wanting to do a show like this for years, and this fall seemed like the right time.  We don’t have the budget of those New York companies, but their shows in a way are very Bare Theatre.  They’re not overly complicated, and they go right to core emotions of joy, fear, and sadness.

It is my hope that audiences in Durham and Raleigh enjoy this type of theatrical experience in much the same way as I have enjoyed these type of shows in New York.

More will, of course, be posted…

Publicity shot from Snow Show


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