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A Loss for Theatre and a Loss for Raleigh.

Gary Williams and Glen Matthews of Raleigh Ensemble Players

The last month or so has been rough for Triangle theatre companies.  I won’t get into all of the details, but I do want to at least recognize the profound loss that was announced Friday – that Raleigh Ensemble Players is closing its doors.

To say the 30-year-old company has made an impact on Raleigh and Cary is a supreme understatement.  This is a company that has earned high praise from audience, critics and other theatre producers.  Actors love to work with them, and all of us in the local theatre community have so much respect for them.

It seemed perfect back in 2009 when REP acquired their own space on Fayetteville St. after years of innovative theatre at Artspace and Cary Academy.  There was so much sweat equity and love that went into that space and it was apparent.  This was a great intimate venue and REP knows how to use it.

We were thrilled to have been able to perform there last fall.  We thought we had finally found a home in Raleigh, where most of our company members are actually from, and Gary and Glen were so fantastic to work with.

It is my sincere hope – and the hope of many others, I’m sure – that this closing will not be permanent.

The lights may be out for the time being, but there are so many of us in the area that desperately want to see the work continue.  While the venue was nice, what really matters is the people and the art they produce.  That is what has been such an inspiration to the rest of us.

Hopefully that art will continue in some shape, form or place.  We do so need it.



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