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Let’s Get Awkward.

It’s funny how the themes of our one-act shows seem to establish themselves. Boys and Girls was about, well…boys and girls. Granted, it was a show for adults and all of the plays featured adult actors, but all three plays tied back in some way to childhood, or childhood memories.

One Night of Absolute Dismay turned out the same way:

We start off at 1 A.M. as a lawyer is being woken up by a series of ever more disturbing phone calls. His night gets worse as the people begging him for legal advice get more and more entangled in each other’s crimes. One night of absolute dismay.

Then we are introduced to a nice Christian couple. Only she is losing her faith. He is grasping at ways to maintain their wholesome family ideal, and so he brings home a weird homeless guy. To spend the night. See where this is going?

Finally, we have a nice southern family dinner in which a feminine caller is the guest of honor. There are high hopes she will some day marry the reclusive hypochondriac son who spends all his time playing with glass cocktail stirrers and take him off everyone’s hands. Needless to say, this evening doesn’t turn out as planned.

Peppered throughout our little evening of dismay and despair is Hot Greek Porn. Need I say more?

Once we had a theme, we needed a poster (because every show has a poster, of course). Someone blurted out “Awkward family photos!” and of course, we all went “Ohhh, yeah!”

Here’s that poster again:

Many of us have enjoyed the horrifying weirdness that is It is a celebration of ourselves in our most vulnerable, least attractive, and downright embarrassing moments. Usually with one or twelve of our most bizarre relatives.

Capitalizing on the various “families” in each of these works, we opted for staged awkward family photos as a poster theme, and let me tell you something. It is damn near impossible to stage a truly awkward family photo.

We can stage awkward – don’t get me wrong – but setting up a fake photo is just hard. It’s a fact. It’s hard to make it look natural, which is what makes AFP so beautiful. It may be ugly, but it’s honest.

So we would like to hear from you, Reader. What’s your favorite Awkward Family Photo? Do you have one of yourself? Does anyone in your family have one? Or, do you have a favorite from the AFP website?

I’m asking you, our readers and audience to post your favorite Awkward Family Photo on our Facebook page. Heck, you can post more than one if you want. Just make it awkward.



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